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Available Services

  1. General Services
  2. Alcohol Services
  3. Juvenile Services

Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition

A pre-trial diversionary program for those participants approved by the District Attorney. Defendants complete a period of probationary supervision in exchange for dismissal of the charges and their record being expunged.


Defendants with fines, costs, and/or restitution must enter into a payment plan with the Collections Coordinators.

Community Service Program (Adult / Juvenile)

Sanction ordered by the Court as a stand alone sentence or as a condition of:

  • ARD
  • Consent decree
  • In lieu of fines and costs
  • Intermediate Punishment
  • Parole
  • Probation

Community service is also used in conjunction with the prison Earned Time Program to reduce an inmates minimum sentence

House Arrest  / Electronic Monitoring

Participants are either directly sentenced to this Restrictive Intermediate Punishment sanction or administratively transferred from the jail after serving a portion of their minimum sentence. Curfew compliance is monitored through the use of electronic monitoring equipment to include global positioning satellites (GPS). 

Remote alcohol breath testing is also used in conjunction with house arrest for appropriate offenders.

National Curriculum Training Institute (NCTI)

NCTI is nationally known for their Crossroads cognitive curricula, which target criminogenic needs and risk level. NCTI has developed a variety of skill-based training resources, including participant workbooks for juveniles and adults, facilitator guides, and teaching aides.

These training resources are organized into delivery formats that vary in intensity, level and duration to more appropriately meet the needs and address the risk level of offenders.

Pre-Trial Supervision

The Pre-Trial Officer is responsible for supervising select adult officers placed on bail/bond while awaiting disposition of their case. Inmates are also screened with the assistance of the Level of Service Inventory (LSI-R) risk / need assessment for potential release to the community. 

Supervision may include SCRAM, electronic monitoring, urinalysis or other court imposed conditions of release.

Problem Solving Court Coordinator

The mission of the Venango County Problem Solving Court is to enhance public safety by reducing criminal activity and assist substance abusers to become drug and alcohol free, productive and law-abiding citizens.

Shoplifter Alternative / Youth Educational Services

A home study program geared toward Retail Theft first offenders. This program is made possible through our relationship with the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention.


Adult or juvenile offenders, Domestic Relation's cases and CYS Dependency cases may be ordered by the Court to undergo random / routine drug testing by Court Supervision Services.

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