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For Family & Friends

The Prison's Responsibility

The Venango County Prison is charged with the care, custody, and control of the inmate population housed in the prison. As such, the Prison will treat each inmate with the respect they deserve and also meet the basic needs of the inmate while they are incarcerated.

What You Can Do

As most of an inmate’s needs are taken care of by the prison, there are only a few things that you, as a family member or friend, can do for them while they are in the prison. Many of the items you would like to send the inmate are considered contraband and are not allowed in the Prison.

Our friends and family brochure is produced with the hope that it will help you in understanding what the inmate is allowed or not allowed to have while in the prison.  You will find several different sections relating to areas that people have questions about relating to an inmate.

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