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Marriage License (Apply Online)

  1. Only accepting applications if one or both parties are from Venango County
  2. The fee is $45, cash only.
  3. Both parties must show photo identification.
  4. If either party has been married before, he or she must present original divorce decree or a certified copy of same, or a certified death certificate.
  5. When applying you will be asked the following about yourselves and your parents:
    • Address
    • Birthplaces
    • Full names (first, middle, and last)
  6. Occupations
  7. There is a three-day waiting period between applying for and being issued a marriage license.
    • The three-day waiting period can be waived by obtaining a waiver from the judge prior to coming to make an application.
    • There is an additional $5 waiver fee. The number to obtain a waiver is 814-432-9610.
  8. The license is valid for 60 days from the date it is issued.
  9. All those applicants under 18 must have consent of a custodial parent. The custodial parent must present photo identification. There is an additional $5 consent fee.


  • Turn off any web viewer pop-up blockers before you start.
  • Answer ALL questions.  If you do not know the answer to a question, enter “Unknown”.
  • When you are ready to begin, click the ACCEPT at the bottom of the screen.  You can then begin entering your information. You can use the SAVE function to save information and return to it at a later time.  When you are ready to submit it to the county, use the SUBMIT function.  Once you have submitted your application, please CALL the office at 814-432-9534 to make an appointment to complete the process.


PLEASE BE ADVISED; If you choose to be married by someone other than officiant specifically listed and authorized by Pennsylvania law, the burden of proof regarding the legality, or lack thereof, of your marriage is upon you should future issues arise that require a determination of the marriage validity.  The Clerk of the Orphans’ Court office does NOT determine what is or is not a church and/or congregation.  If you have questions, you are advised to consult an attorney.

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