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What if I do not want to press charges?

You do not press charges.  The charges are filed by law enforcement and prosecuted by our office.  If you are reluctant to testify, it is very important to speak with the prosecuting attorney and victim witness staff who can advocate on your behalf.  Tell them about your concerns, so that they can be addressed early on.  We may be able to clarify misconceptions and offer choices.  

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1. Where is the courthouse located? Where should I park?
2. Where do I meet my victim advocate?
3. Should I bring anything with me?
4. How long can I expect to be there?
5. Will anyone stay with me?
6. Who is permitted in the courtroom?
7. Where can I obtain an excuse for missing work or school?
8. What if a defense attorney contacts me?
9. What does it mean that the defendant waived his or her preliminary hearing?
10. What if I do not feel safe entering/exiting the Courthouse?
11. What if I do not want to press charges?
12. What about bail?
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