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What is the policy for inmate telephone use within the prison?

The inmates have access to telephones that they may use if they desire to do so. When an inmate is committed to the prison, they are given the opportunity to fill out a phone list of people they wish to be able to call.  The inmate is given a personal identification number (PIN) and this number has to match up with the number they are trying to call. The numbers are recorded in a computer and when an inmate makes a phone call they have to enter their PIN and then the person receiving the call has to agree to accept the call. 

There are several benefits to using a PIN system, including: 

  • It is a way to restrict the inmate from calling people who do not want to be called by the inmate, such as the victim or others. 
  • The phone system does not allow any incoming calls.
  • The system has technology to defeat third party calls that inmates use to set up scams to unsuspecting victims.

The calls are very similar to collect calls even if they are made to people who live in the local calling area.  The rates charged for these calls are comparable to collect call rates. Read more about contacting an inmate with this system.

County Benefits

The County receives a benefit from the inmate telephone system. A percentage of the profit is returned to the inmate's welfare account and items that the County would ordinarily have to pay for with tax dollars can be purchased with this money.

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